Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Awkward Moment

Salam 'alaik , 
Hey Hi !
It's me again .. Well today , I just want to rant on my awkward moment for today ...

Didn't sleep the whole night, tried to , but just can't fall asleep.. Stare at candles, think about penguins.. Then suddenly the alarm rang.. Awkward.. It's like I was just fixing my eyes on everything, then suddenly... the night went to morning.. already??

Went to the city to meet up with some old friends.. Still early, the *le brain suddenly think, hey why not I spend a few minutes at my friend's birthday party (sort of a gathering actually) . Bought 2 tickets to the nearest LRT station, for me, and *le BFF.. *le BFF doesn't look so happy cuz well, I dunno~~'' Awkward. Just finger crossing that she wouldn't be mad if I drag her with me.

At around 10 a.m, walk to the house, and found myself seeing nothing.. Nope, no nothing at all.. Seems like just a normal human being house's.. Awkward.. cuz I know that this is it.. This is the house.. 

Then, me and *le BFF just stood outside waiting for someone, or something to invite us in.
While in the house beside the house we went to for, seems like there were people inside, staring at both me and *le BFF.. So awkward..

Then the host invited us in (after tonnes of calls and messages actually).
Awkward, stepped inside of the house.
Felt completely guilty. >>sooo awkward back then<<
Helped prepare the tables and stuffs.. Not awkward, cuz this is my intention actually is..
Shook hands with the owner of the house. Saw someone creeping vigorously in the back of the house.. Awkward, and again, guilt.

**Few moments of awkwardness**

Set up food on table.. Helped the owner of the house set up the food.
We were told to eat. And so we did.
Felt my stomach is completely full with just two forkful of Asian spaghetti. Awkward. This ain't me.. I used to be always hungry. But suddenly I don't.. <

Then suddenly,

*le friends of the host came into <> the house and I'm like...
Whaaaaaaaatttttttttt =..=''

>>that seriously awkward moment when i feel asleep while writing this.. and then woke up suddenly, ... whew..<<

okay , hmm so.. we continued eating, and *le BFF were just talking2 ... and then , me and one of my friend went to the kitchen to wash the dish.. no biggie.. but I didn't realize that, I took too long to wash them dishes... Then the host walk past us and said, ''first time doing dishwashing??"
okay, seriously, awkward.. yeah .. how can I took too long to wash just that normal2 tings.. Spoons forks n all...duhh..

And then , it's time for us to go.. stomach is full already ... then I told the host (i texted him actually,,) said that we're done and we're about to go.. and so he said, thanks for coming, ~~eventhough you were uninvited...
Okay pause it right there,.. uninvited?  UNINVITED? Seriously dude? He said that in front of all his friends and at that particular moment, I just felt like wanna crush his head or something.. This is so0o embarrassing, you know??  huh, awkward~~''

Okay so, that's just a summary of what kinda happen there... After all that, we walked to Damai LRT Station , and went to Sri Rampai (thru Gombak =.=' ) and went to Wangsa Walk Mall... Go to Popular, and I bought some exercise books for my next year.. Hmm, form 5.. SPM??

Alrite, so this is just something I can share with you today .. And now, I want to continue my  beauty sleep.. heh heh heh .. Toodle Doo .. Au Revoir :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

El beso de la lluvia ...

Salam ... It's me, again...
I don't feel like talking, or writing right now actually,...
But I soon realize, .. it's the only thing I'm capable of.
Just like any other person in the whole wide world...
I've made mistakes..
I did...
I have my moments..
I've enjoyed..
These kind of thoughts kept on twirling in my mind..
Sometimes I cry, and sometimes I laugh..
It hurts, yeah.

But then again, this is what makes me, become who I am today..
Sometimes, the pain hurts like hell. 
Throbbing my defenseless heart..
Somehow, a heart, is made up of muscles...
And, what exactly muscles do when they're torn? ...
They grew back, stronger...
This I truly believe...
Never be afraid to fall from mistakes and wrongdoings..
Have faith to raise up again, 
and be someone better..

People say crying is a sign of weakness..
But for me, crying is a way to express
 your unspeakable feeling..
Especially when you're 
crying on some one's shoulder...
You will feel better..
I haven't, but I really wish, 
if my tears ever fall down, 
                                                      I hope that there will be someone 
                                                      to share the moments with me..
So people,
Let's cry...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

100 Random Facts About Minnie Nanie

1. I love animals.. especially PANDAs.. I love felines too.. cats, lions, puma .. well , you know the rest =..=

2. Well, I love maths, but I'm still bad at it.. ==''

3. I love playing games .. any games .. from dress-up , to shooting rampage , I love it all !

4. I just love waking up and have pancakes for breakfast .. yummy !

5. My bed is full with pillows .. the last time I counted it all , there were 12 of 'em !!

6. My bedroom is , err , quite messy .. too much stuffs , too many memories ^_^

7. I'm addicted to ice .. munching on ice feels great .. I don't even know why ..

8. Yup, like I-Know , I bite straws too.

9. I live on junk foods!! yum yum ..

10. My favourite ice cream flavor is peppermint .. it gives you chills ^__^

11. I really LOVE chocolates .. especially Cadbury's ... o_o

12. I love spending time in the bathroom .. taking a shower while singing is a must !!

13. It's hard to wake me up in the morning , even if it's a school day .. huhu ..

14. Wherever I go , kids always seem to be attracted to me .. in both ways, good and bad .. weird, ain't  it?

15. It's kinda hard for me to focus while I"m studying..

16. I love sleeping, and i don't like waking up... unless there's something special going on..

17. I love watching romance movie.. and, heh heh, imagining myself as the heroin.. 

18. I am weird.. seriously..

19. I don't have piercing in both of my ears lobes..

20. I once set the kitchen on fire.. hmm, too much of cooking??

21. I am mixed Arab, Malay and Javanese.. and I'm pretty much proud of it..

22. It feels wrong for me to cut my hair short, so, I tend on having it long..just below my ribs..

23. I love wearing stilettos and boots..

24. I'm used to be a shopaholic, but, I'm trying to starve myself from it cuz my wardrobe is FLOODED!!

25. I prefer sitting home, and do nothing ^_^

26. Tears easily fall from my eyes, but, I'm in a strong war against it .. Because, when I started on crying, it's hard for me to stop ~~'

27. I eat a lot even though I'm afraid to gain weight.. I just love eating!!

28. I prefer fruit juice over soda.

29. My favourite cake is cheesecake, especially from Secret Recipe..

30. I'm afraid of bugs & insects.. Beetles and Cockroaches is a No No !! 

31. I love snakes, I love it when they run along my skin...  ¤¸¸.•´¯`•¸¸.•.....

32. I love milk!! 

33. Reading novels while listening to soft music is my way to spend my free time..

34. Some of my clothes I inherited from my mother and my sister..

35. I believe writing is a way to keep you conscious..

36. Me and my cat sleep together..

37. I wear specs, but I don't like to..

38. I am a $%(&!@% person... totally unexplainable..

39. I enjoy watching Disney's princesses, and dream on myself...

40. I like to be by myself.. But I enjoy hanging out with people...

41. I am the second child of 5..

42. I am right-handed, I tried writing with my left hand, ugly, .. but readable.. :)

43. I don't get sick easily, but once I do, I'm very very sick..

44. I once fainted (intentionally) because I want to see who's gonna help me.. ^_^

45. I can tell if someone is bluffing, unless they are the Master of Lying..

46. I once tried to cheat on a test, but I didn't because I'm afraid I might get caught..

47. My dad taught me, if I wanna do bad things, make sure it'll be worth it .. and so I did ^____^

48. I almost cried went I was sent to study on a boarding school..T_T

49. I sleep with my pillows everywhere on the bed..

50. I'm like most of other people, I'm not immune to tickles..

51. I don't usually wear perfumes, but I love having them on my shelf..

52. I like being a leader.. :P

53. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. I always do my homework on that Sunday night .... hmm ... the very last minute...

54. I don't have a big brother but I wish I had one...

55. My blood type is B+ .. I tested it myself ^__^

56. I love to be on stage .. 

57. I don't get nervous easily, but when I do, my whole body will trembles.

58. The first thing I do when I go to bathroom in the morning is staring at my face, for minutes.. only then I will start brushing my teeth and stuff..

59. First impression is in fact quite important to me .. I'll try my best to impress people the first time I met them.. 

60. I get obsessed with guys playing basketballs.. x_x

61. All my sister and me have the same first name, Aini .. which is my mother's name.. and I-know's too *..*

62. I like coffee , but too much of coffee in a day might get me awake till next morning..

63. I 'm a fan of Marc Anthony and Micheal Bublé... they sing heavenly!

64. I admire Jack Sparrow .. He's really a good actor!

65. I think my dad looks like Micheal Jackson when he's younger .. duhh , he used to look like one .. ^__^

66. I get attracted easily to guys who are gentlemen . well, who doesn't, rite?

67. I'm the type of person that could have a crush on a somebody for years but not letting him know forever ...

68. I admire Fran Fine from The Nanny .. she's like my mother .. hehe

69. I told my parent that I want to get married before 24 , they said OK .. yay!!

70. When I'm mad at someone, it really shows .. >_<

71. I sometime sleep with my little sisters..

72. I love sleeping with my candles all lit up.. it's so calming..

73. I am Entomophobia Fear of bugs )

74. I once cried when I woke up from a nightmare..

75. My favourite number is 1, 4, 3, and 7 .. my birthday in the 17th, and plus, 4+3=7 .. right ?

76. I like wearing the colour black, but red sometimes get me amused..

77. I love every song that is kinda related to me, and my life.. I'll listen to it again and again...

78. I love sports but too lazy to join it .. ==''

79. It's hard for people to understand me .. I didn't myself...

80. I like to think of the worst thing that might happen whenever I make a decision to keep me from taking the wrong step... but I always end up on the wrong step somehow..

81. I think monkeys are cute in their own way ...

82. I don't really have any favorite flowers,. but I really love having them as a gift...

83. I enjoy gardening,.. (sometime)...

84. I love eating instant noodles.... especially now that I live in hostel, I eat them almost everyday !!!

85. I love closing my eyes when the wind blew on me .... just like in the movies.. >_<

86. I love dressing up other people... 

87. I'm the only one in my family who got colorless birthmark, others got dark brown..

88. I've always dream of having bathtubs in my bathroom.. so I could soak myself and stay in the bathroom for hours...

89. Too much of excitements get me tired ..

90. I like reading about what people write about me, whether it's good or bad .. so sometimes I stalk on other people ...

91. Even though I seem tough and independent on the outside, but I'm actually in dire need of help from others..  

92. I can't  lift my eyebrow one at a time ... (like what Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson always do..)

93. I sometimes talk to myself .....well , I need an intelligent conversation every now and then, right?

94. I tried to sneeze cutely but it ends up sounding pretty weird..

95. I like to disturb my cats when it sleep.. 

96. I go crazy when I get bored..

97. It entertain me somehow when I annoy my mother.. she would go mad at me .. hehe...

98. I eat cauliflower, but not tastes funny ..

99. I've always act like I forgot my own birthday, just to see who actually remembered it..

100. I don't really like wearing jewelries, and i have a strong hate to gold..  

Yeah , that's pretty much it ..

Saturday, November 26, 2011

There and Back Again

Salam ..
hehe .. to think about it now , hurm, i've been away from blogging for far too long ...
and , when i read my past blog , hah ! it made me laugh , to think of , how immature i was .. such a kiddy .. ^__^
talking about immature .. huuu ~~' 
what's with teens who thought they're old enuff to get in serious relationship??
i mean like , they're just teens , what do u expect ? the guy you dated in highschool doesn't always end up being your husband or something ~..~

it's typical for them to fall in , break up , and fall to another ... duhh , normal .. 
having someone who cares for you is kinda exciting , but , don't control their lives . please !!
being someone who have more or less the experiences , i'm tellin ya .. have fun , if you can , while you can .. cuz puppy love changes .. hehe .. i spent quite some time studying over this feeling , and counsel people with them (online ofcoz , so they don't actually know what my age actually is ~~"" ) and most of the reply , followed with 'thanks a lot' ..  

haaa .. there and back again , live  your life to the fullest , never stop loving .. and yeah , cherish every moment .. you'll lead a happy life for sure .. paramount !
okay  okay ... i wanna watch movies , ^__^ .. so , till we meet again .. toodle doo !!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Puasa , Buka , Raya !!

Salam . . Hye hye !!
hmm, oke, 3 hari lg nk raye, can you believe it ??
yaa, after 3 months stuck in my school ( a helluva boarding school ) , i finally get to be home... 
huhu, my school break is a lil bit busy, got chores to do.. tidying up home, erm, making cookies for raya, cooking ketupat <3 , well, and such .. 
the thing is, i still can't let go of the past.. woa, miss my old buddies, my old school... hurm..
i've been busy, and i'm still busy, but the memories of the past kept haunting me.. bittersweet moments..
there are tons of things i wish i had done, and a massive huge things i need to mend . . 
i wish i had the time.. i need the time . . wuhuu.. 
whatever it is, i just wish this would turn out, as it was supposed to be. . 
arkh, ape aq mngarut nihh.. stress sgt . .  huhuh . .anw, nk wish to all ,selamat Hari Rayer . . !! tu je snanyer ^_^

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finally . .

Hi y'all !
Hope you guys are having a nice day . .
right , first of all , i would proudly like to tell you that , erm , my debate team won a fight . . wo0ho0 !
it's the final round , and our opponent is MRSM Serting . .
Duhh , the judge ( named Rahman , 14 years old , from SDAR ) ( sheesh ! ) said that it was the worse room he has ever been . . ehehe , sorry , can't help it . . oh , yeah , well , atleast we won A session . . so, we're typically not a total loser , right ?
and , erm , hehe , the Leader of Opposition team , named Amree Aiman , so cute ! haha ! i like his eyebrow . . when he was rebutting my points , i don't actually into hearing what he's saying , i'm just , like , " woaa , look at his face . . so innocent larr ! " ahha . . and , in the Government side , all i wrote in my paper was , --> look at him , red shirt . . ^__^ and ofcourse , it causes me to lost ideas on what to say in the reply speech . . hehe . . but then again , we won ! yay !
the Inter-school Debate Championship is almost over now , dunno why , i felt kinda sad . . probably 'cuz , after this , i'm back to basic . messy , stuffy , busy lifestyle . . plus , i'm now officially the treasurer for Students Representative Committe . . and , there's an Activity Week goin' on next week , and it's clashin with my retry semester Exam . . yes , i haven't studied anything ! wo0aaa . . i just wanna come home . . miss my life in K.L . . family and friends totally made me enjoy my life . . hurmm . . well , i guess , that's it for now . . keep i touch , k ! see ya guys laterr >_<