Thursday, April 8, 2010

Celebes Sea

Did you know?.. Celebes Sea, or also known as 'Laut sulawesi' has the deepest,
well, i think, the deepest abyss in throughout the Asia seas..
I just found out about this when my mother told me about it..
She was quite shock when she saw this at National Geographic Channel..
The abyss is so deep that makes it hard for divers to go deep down..
It is also very dark too.. You can find many pictures of weird and scary creatures..
Creatures you might not could think of.. Way beyond your wildest imagination..

However, the diving cameras stood up by scientist manage to capture many eye catching creatures such as the red jellyfish..
I did read obout planktons and transparent jellyfish but,
as it was so small and, well, it is a bit invicible, I can't see the pictures clearly..
I wonder if they could travel all the way here, near the South China Sea..

Oh! did i told you that Celebes Sea is in the middle,
or quirte near between Sabah(Borneo) and Philippnines..??
It would be really fun living in the glorious and harmonious Malaysia..
really, Malaysia is truly Asia.. (shh..not Freesia ok..)

JUST REMEMBER, there is NO place better than home... (^_^)