Saturday, August 27, 2011

Puasa , Buka , Raya !!

Salam . . Hye hye !!
hmm, oke, 3 hari lg nk raye, can you believe it ??
yaa, after 3 months stuck in my school ( a helluva boarding school ) , i finally get to be home... 
huhu, my school break is a lil bit busy, got chores to do.. tidying up home, erm, making cookies for raya, cooking ketupat <3 , well, and such .. 
the thing is, i still can't let go of the past.. woa, miss my old buddies, my old school... hurm..
i've been busy, and i'm still busy, but the memories of the past kept haunting me.. bittersweet moments..
there are tons of things i wish i had done, and a massive huge things i need to mend . . 
i wish i had the time.. i need the time . . wuhuu.. 
whatever it is, i just wish this would turn out, as it was supposed to be. . 
arkh, ape aq mngarut nihh.. stress sgt . .  huhuh . .anw, nk wish to all ,selamat Hari Rayer . . !! tu je snanyer ^_^