Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First post for 2013

It's 2013 !!

And I've turned 18 :D

Well, a lot of things happened since the last time I updated my blog..
It's because, I was really busy with my SPM, the final exam for high school in Malaysia.

But everything is just a memory now..
All of the S.A members have sat for the exam, and currently waiting for our results that will be announced somewhere in February ..
and after that, we'll further our studies..

Never mind all that,
the reason I'm posting this message is because ,...

Sky Angels reunion is today !!

okay, I mean, in the afternoon ... It's 12..30 a.m right now, so, we got another 12 hours to countdown!
How amazing is that .. I can't imagine how happy I would be when we are all reunited once again ^_^
This is us on our hangout a few years ago

Posing for our beloved Halo

So, tomorrow, our comeback concert will be held at Suria KLCC .. can't wait to meet you guys there ^_^
And now, I gotta go to bed, and have my beauty sleep :D It's gonna be a big day tomorrow !