Thursday, November 26, 2009

100 Questions for Minnie Nanie

1. What is your real name?
- Aini Noor Hannani

2. When were you born?
- 17th January 1995

3. Where were you born?
- Johor Bharu, Johor, Malaysia

4. Something good & bad bout yourself?
- Good : I'm always curious about everything
     Bad : I'm too curious, I gotta know everything!!

5. How long will you wait for someone you love?
- I won't..people gotta wait for me...

6. What is your height & weight?
- Height : 162 cm
  Weight : 52+ kg

7. How would you describe your personality in 1 word?
- Colourful

8. Is there any celebrity that you think look alike?
- Vanessa Hudgens

9. What is your favorite song (s)?
- DBSK's and Big Bang's Songs & some classic songs

10. What is your favorite season?
-  hard to choose between winter & autumn

11. Is there any game (s) you're good at?
- any game..I always win...

12. How would you describe your ideal man?
- Loves me for me, romantic, a true gentleman & manly

13. Younger / Older / Same age ?
- Older or same age

14. What is your beauty secret (s) ?
- Get enough sleep and eat healthy.. cuz I believe, you are what you eat.. that's why I only eat pretty foods :D

15. Inner beauty / Outer Beauty ?
- Inner beauty

16. What is your sleeping habit (s) ?
- It's hard for the others &  me myself to wake me up..(too much for a beauty sleep)

17. Your favorite place (s) to be at?
- A fun, relaxing place

18. What is your drinking habit (s) ?
- I like to chew on the ice .. luv it ^_^

19. When do you want to get married?
- When I get older, if I could.. *others* you're already old..
well, okay then, during my degree!

20. How would you describe your singing & dancing?
- I think my singing & dancing rock the world..yeah..

21. First love & kiss?
- First love : never had one
   First kiss : never been kissed.. u_u

22. Something you've always wanted?
- A guy that will try to understand me

23. What do you do when you're home alone?
- I'll become crazy..It's fun being alone sometimes..

24. What do you do when you're in front of the mirror?
- I'll stay a bit longer in front of it..I feel pretty..

25. How do you express yourself?
- I eat *others* you're always eating..

26. Does height & weight matter to you?
- Height : Yes
  Weight : Yes

27. What would you buy for your mate?
- Something that I like..I give people what I love, hoping that they can cherish it as much as I do

28. How often / How much do you wear makeup?
-  Twice a year..I don't really need 'em.. *others* yes you really do..

29. What would you do if someone you made plan with never showed up?
- I'm gonna make them suffer..*evilgrin*

30. Which part of your body will you wash first when taking a shower?
- My hands

31. Any body part (s) that you want to fix?
- Do I have to? I like being me..

32. Who do you miss the most now
- I

33. When do you cry the most
- whenever I'm sad, like there's a knife throbbing in my heart, I'll cry to myself

34. What would you be if you were born again?
- A mermaid..cute one! *others* ew..

35. Something you hate?
- being jokes to the others..

36. When do you feel happy?
- when I get what I want.. *others* don't you always?

37. When were you most flabbergasted?
- Never..But I will be when Holly's being feminine..

38. Best looking guy you've seen so far?
- Senior Max Changmin and Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P)

39. Something you're most worried about?
- My BF having another affair .. yikes

40. When do you look weak?
- when people ignores me..

41. Why aren't you going out with anyone?
- were u stalking on me? how do you figure?

42. Celebrity (s) that is close to you?
- Me! I am a celebrity! *others* In love with yourself much?

43. Person (s) that you're crushing on?
- Senior Max Changmin

44. What are the 3 things a person need the most?
- 1. Love 2. Family 3. Money

45. How is your grades in school?
- Lot's of A's... hehe

46. Any place you wish to go?
- The bank, then straight to the mall..

47. Your favorite TV program (s) ?
- Anything that got me in it..

48. Anything that pissed you off?
- Annoying people..

49. Movie (s) you would like to recommend?
- Sky Angels' Movies

50. I will be ___ in ___ movie?
- Belle in Beauty & The Beast

51. Do you believe in love at first sight & true love?
- No & Yes...maybe..

52. What would u do if you don't have your parents blessing in your relationship?
- I won't do anything..cause they have to!

53. Are you a player?
- Yes..oh wait! NO!!

54. At what time do you wake up & go to sleep?
- whenever I want o_o

55. Someone you would like to go out with?
- Senior Max Changmin..

56. How many kids would you like to have?
- 2..or maybe 5..

57. Something you really want to be good at?
- Everything..I gotta be!

58. Anyone you're jealous of?
- I'm not...a jealous person.. *others* are you not??

59. A word that you use a lot?
- I love you (?) *others* you use ''I love me""

60. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
- I'll try to get back to sleep

61. What would you do if you find a million dollar on the others?
- I'll say "oh, thank god..I've found my money at last.."

62. What would you do if you become invisible?
- I'll freak the others

63. Singer (s) you think is best singing live?
- Max Changmin & Me *others* have you heard your voice yet?

64. Kind (s) of men & women you hate?
-     men : players & gays
  women : bitches & lesbians

65. What would you do if you find someone you've broken up with?
- I'll snatch any hot guy I can spot at that moment and pretend in front of my ex that the hot guy is my new BF..will he be jealous ? XD

66. What do you do if you can't sleep?
- I'll think of the person I'm in love with..

67. Where would you go with your loved one?
- wherever he wanna go ( a good place that is)

68. Food you're good at cooking?
- I'm good at cooking anything 4 myself

69. Your dreams & hopes?
- To become someone everyone wants to be

70. Your favorite subject (s) at school?
- English..

71. Family members?
- Parents, a big sister, two little sisters, a little brother & 3 cats.. *that's not a family member..*

72. What is your secret (s) ?
- What? Why do you think it's called 'SECRET'?

73. Who is your childhood hero (s) ?
- don't have any..

74. Do you like children?
- Sometimes..yea..I like babies .. children is quite annoying (unless they like me)

75. Sunshine / moonlight ?
- moonlight..

76. Sunrise / sunset ?
- sunrise...

77. Something you like the most bout yourself?
- I'm sweet & kind inside.. *you're unique*

78. Your favorite day / event (s) ?
- Any events that related to me

79. What is your hobby (s) ?
-  Eating..

80. What is your favorite sport (s) ?
- Swimming *others* chicken can't swim!!

81. What is your specialty (s) ?
- I can trick people easily, I can cook & eat (eat?? everyone can!)

82. Do you drink or smoke?
- No & NO!!

83. Favorite girl group & boy band?
- girl group : 2NE1
   boy band : Big Bang

84. Foreign language (s) you would like to learn?
- I wanna learn how to speak in British accent..

85. What is your trademark?
- Never try, never fail..

86. Your most memorable moment (s)?
- haven't think bout it yet..

87. What do you think of love & life?
- Life is complex, love is pretty..

88. Where would you go for honeymoon?
- Sweden..maybe..

89. Favorite book (s) ?
- Under 18, Lawak Kampus & Mangas

90. Favorite flower (s) ?
- Daisy, Rose..either one..

91. Favorite animal (s) ?
- Pandas, Tigers, Kittens (felines mostly)

92. Favorite thing (s) ?
- Food! (chocolates, to be exact)

93. You're fluent in speaking ___?
- English.. but hey, my Hangeul and Spanish is awesome too!

94. What is your nickname (s) ?
- Chicken

95. Which member is close to you the most?
- Not sure..we're all very close to each other..

96. What is your clothing style (s) ?
- Funky, a little bit feminine..

97. Instrument (s) that you can play?
- Bass, Guitar & Piano

98. What is your position (s) in the band ?
- Main vocal & the oldest in the band..

99. Favorite game (s) you like to play?
- Adaggio

100. Your speech / advices to the others?
- Freesia : Thanks for the food, Mom!!
 I-Know : You're crazy,'you know' that??
     Holly : You're a girl, live with it..
         All : be me..